Individual Program Coordinator - IPC

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (include the following. Other duties may be assigned.)

  • Facilitates the development and implementation of each person's program plan assigned to caseload.
  • Assure the completion and annual update of assessments as needed for the development of the plan.
  • Train, coach and monitor staff or other person responsible for implementing of the program plan.
  • Write skill acquisition and assist with development of behavior reduction plans with input from other professional staff and those assigned direct responsibility for implementation of the program sites.
  • Assure the accurate and consistent implementation of the program plan at designated program sites.
  • Monitor the individual's progress on a monthly basis with interventions as necessary to assure ate progress.
  • Assure accurate and consistent communication with all members of the individual's team, including parents, guardians, professional and those responsible for the implementation of the program plan.
  • Coordinate services with others for people assigned to program sites.
  • Assure all service provision meets regulatory requirements including the necessary paperwork being completed in a timely manner.
  • Monitor services provision to assure the individual's rights are not infringed upon without written justification and Human rights committee approval.
  • Demonstrate active participation in the management team through consistent meeting attendance and presentation; provision of direct services to model appropriate interactions; support to direct care staff; and provision of performance feedback to staff and their direct care supervisor.
  • Assure that each individual has an accurate and manageable record.  Together with house management and staff, if appropriate, develop and implement training to assure active treatment.  This includes a series of specific training components such as initial training, procedural reliability, and data reliability.