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16 Career Opportunities at Otsego County Chapter NYSARC, Inc.

New Posting Clinical Assistant
Oneonta, NY13820
Responsible for providing direct support services as outlined in all treatment plans, with an emphasis in adaptive exercises set up by occupational therapists/occupational therapist assistant (OT/COTA) physical therapists (PT). Job duties are performed through understanding, communication and modeling the values and mission of the program and agency. The clinical assistant will also be involved in the creation, maintenance and repair of adaptive equipment, including but not limited to wheelchairs, hydraulic lifts and other Agency identified adaptive equipment under the direction of the above therapists as well as the speech-language pathologist (SLP).

IPC Direct
Oneonta, NY13820
Responsible for overall service delivery, development and monitoring of the program plan and training of the people responsible for implementation of the program plan. These responsibilities are required to ensure consistent service delivery.

Through the Arc Otsego Re-Use Centers shared values of positivity, resourcefulness, safety and respect, the Warehouse Assistant is responsible for carrying out all aspects of retail operations. The Re-Use Center Warehouse Assistant is responsible for delivering excellent customer service and creating positive interactions with customers and donors, support coworkers in the sorting, pricing and merchandising of products. Additionally, Re-Use warehouse assistants will maintain donation intake areas, load, unload and move furniture, building materials and other heavy merchandise. Contribute to positive working relationships by supporting all coworkers, including fellow staff, volunteers, and trainees.

This position is responsible for processing and monitoring all of our sales orders and generating invoices. Additionally this position will be responsible for our front desk operations, which include greeting guest, answering the phone and monitoring office equipment.

Administrative Assistant
Oneonta, NY13820
Answers phones and directs calls, greets the public and staff, perform and manage clerical support functions for the program site and/or Director of Adult Day Programs. These duties may be agency-wide, specific to the Division of Adult Day Services, or specific to one of the programs in the division. Project a professional image through in-person and phone interaction.

Systems Specialist
Oneonta, NY13820
The Systems Specialist is responsible for the overall administration and support of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and payroll system at Creekside Industries. The Systems Specialist works with all departments within Creekside Industries and the business office as a system expert within Dynamics and Vertex. This position is responsible for training staff, both new and existing users, to ensure the CRM and Payroll system is understood and is being used properly and effectively. The Systems Specialist identifies inconsistences with system uses, develops and executes plans for the system to grow and evolve.

At the Arc Otsego, a Vocational DSP provides direct care support to individuals working in the vocational training employment program including personal care assistance, pre/post lunch monitoring, medication administration, and one-on-one work assistance. Assists with the implementation of the individual plan of care.

Production Worker
Oneonta, NY13820
Responsible for carrying out the day to day processes in the production area. This could include, sorting, collating, assembling, machining, labeling, packaging, palletizing, wrapping, and moving materials. Responsible for maintaining daily communication with the Production Supervisor and Production Manager. This position requires the use of various machines, a pallet jack, stretch wrapping machine, weight scale, and any other production/warehousing equipment assigned to the manufacturing facility.

Residential Home Coordinator
Oneonta, NY13820
Indirectly supervise 30 - 50 employees in the department. Carries out supervisory responsibilities according to the organization’s policies and procedures and applicable laws. Responsibilities include efficient operation of each site used by the department and development of competencies of those assigned direct responsibilities for supervision of those staff that carry out day-to-day operations.

Oneonta, NY13820
Responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of assigned agency building(s) by performing a variety of janitorial and/or housekeeping duties. Promotes sanitary conditions which prevent the spread of infection and odors, may be required to perform duties which involve exposure to blood contamination or bodily fluids.

Behavior Intervention
Oneonta, NY13820
Responsible for the agency's behavioral intervention processes including evaluation, design, implementation and oversight of all behavioral intervention plans.

Vocational Specialist
Oneonta, NY13820
The Vocational Specialist works with individuals who have a goal of paid employment in the community but need further training and community exposure first. The Vocational Specialist will assist individuals on their caseload with preparing for competitive employment by providing career exploration, job readiness training, situational and vocational assessments, travel training, stress management, social skill development, interpersonal skill building, job related discovery and career/vocational planning. Bachelor's degree from an accredited University in a human services field and one year of experience working with individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities required.

Provide direct support services to individuals with developmental disabilities living in their home environment. Deliver quality services by encouraging and facilitating the development of each individual in reaching his/her maximum potential while guaranteeing the safety, health, and wellbeing of all individuals. Specifically, assists individuals with daily living activities; implements program plans, maintains a secure environment and accurately completes all required documentation. Also serve as a role model to people receiving services.

Home Manager
Otego, NY13825
Plans, coordinates and directs personnel and activities in a residential home to provide a safe, clean, nurturing environment that supports people living in the home to achieve maximum personal growth and development.

Provide direct support services to individuals with developmental disabilities living in a residential setting